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    Fatra, a.s.

    Implementation Date

    September 2016




    The aim of the project was to replace the original technically unsatisfactory solution with a new one and to ensure the implementation of modern technologies with an emphasis on high reliability and safety. It was also necessary to take into account and meet the specific industry and construction requirements of the client.


    We ensured the delivery of a customized gas regulation station and its commissioning without interrupting supplies. Of course, we also provide follow-up service for the entire equipment.


    • Maximum safety and reliability of the equipment.
    • Space for further increasing capacity.
    • Keeping installation deadlines and their smooth running.
    • Active support of the whole process of complete reconstruction by HUTIRA – BRNO.
    • Ensuring subsequent regular inspections by HUTIRA – BRNO.

    The original regulation station in the Fatra complex

    Fatra is one of the world’s leading plastics processors and employs more than 1,300 people in its production centres in Napajedly and Chropyně. It is also the administrator of the industrial park in Chropyně, which includes about 20 production companies and the supply and distribution of energy is also a significant component of its activities there. The reliability of these supplies for the industrial park and another 1,000 flats in the Chropyně housing estate is ensured by the Fatra power engineering division.

    A gas regulation station is one of the important prerequisites for maintaining a reliable energy supply at the maximum level. However, the original one from 1976 has ceased to be a guarantee of reliability. It was therefore necessary to prepare an investment plan, which was gradually transformed into a modernization project of the entire solution, which was already subject to the above-standard requirements during the preparations, which will not be possible to fulfil using a common standardized solution.

    Requirements of the tender

    • Simplification of the whole assembly; instead of the original three regulation stations of different pressure levels, one double-row regulation station of a single pressure level with a number of specifically demanded components was to be created.
    • Automatic backup of consumption in the case of a power failure.
    • Attractive solutions – construction and aesthetic requirements.
    • Simplification of operation, managing it and the possibility of their connection with the central control room, which is located in a different part of the Fatra park.

    Particularities of the implementation

    Thanks to our experience, we were able to fully cover the above-standard requirements of the client in accordance with the project documentation and we prepared a customized solution. The whole process of the complete reconstruction of the regulation station, including the building, took only four months. In order not to interrupt production and other contracted deliveries, we ensured the temporary operation of the high-pressure equipment for the period of the reconstruction, and the entire implementation took place without a significant outage.

    Technical specifications and parameters

    In accordance with the project assignment, a single two-row regulation station with a 100% backup is located inside; compared to the original older solution, the pressure level has been unified. The regulation station is fully prepared for the further development of the area and anticipates the growing energy demands that this development will bring. It currently reaches a maximum of 1/2 of the capacity of one row at peak times.

    Regulators and safety locks TARTARINI FL and BM/5, electric preheating AMARC 30kWh, invoicing measurement on the high pressure network part.

    The operation of the regulation station is fully monitored remotely and partly remotely controlled from the central control room. This significantly reduces the need for personal patrols, and thus the staffing of the operation. However, a room for measurement and regulation was built directly into the building as part of the reconstruction in case of need.

    Two-row single-stage regulation station

    Inlet pressure 4 Mpa
    Outlet pressure 150 kPa
    Maximum flow rate 5000 N m³/h

    Natural gas supply from the reconstructed station in 2017

    Total 35 500 MWh
    of which Fatra (boiler room + CHP) 29 500 MWh
    of which other customers 6 000 MWh

    The results of cooperation

    The result of the joint work of both companies is a completely unique solution both in terms of technology and construction. A distinctive glass element is installed in the form of a corner window open towards the complex is located in the building. It also includes LED lighting, which enables a view of the technology located inside not only during the day, but also during the night. The building itself also has several coloured aesthetic elements that refer to the entire technology.

    The whole system met our expectations – everything works as it should. HUTIRA – BRNO regularly provides part of the necessary revisions of the high-pressure part, and we have only positive responses to the final form of our technology even from the service staff of external companies with which we cooperate.

    Vít Macháň
    Director of the Power Engineering Department Fatra, a.s.