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    Automobile mobile suction excavator (MSB) | HUTIRA Industry

    Mobile suction excator – MSB is ideal for use where there is a need to do fast and quality work. Material extraction technologies are high-performance devices that extract dry and wet materials wherever it is necessary. Simple and robust construction enables efficient and effective extraction of water, sludge, mud, dust, sawdust, sand, soil, gravel, stones, concrete, masonry (up to a diameter of 20 cm and a weight of 20 kg. Can easily extract and remove material.

    Automobile mobile suction excavator (MSB)

    Special mobile suction excavator (MSB) | HUTIRA Industry

    Special mobile suction excavator (MSB) is assembled according to specific customer requirements and is designed for specific purposes and uses.

    Special mobile suction excavator (MSB)

    Suction box | HUTIRA Industry

    Suction box is a reduced version of the mobile suction excavator (MSB). It has an output of 20 80 KW and an external drive is required. It is designed for small-scale operations. It is used for interventions on railway or tram lines, in the municipal economy, construction industry and for the maintenance of industrial, chemical or woodworking technologies.

    Suction box

    Mobile suction dredger add-on equipment (MSD) | HUTIRA Industry

    A wide range of accessories include water and sludge pumps, road washing rails, IKE drill bits, various types of cutters for making grooves for optical cables. The MOONER or DRON device is used for work in confined or dangerous areas. These are small robots that manipulate the sucker and can also be carriers of various tools.

    Mobile suction dredger add-on equipment (MSD)