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  • Hutira
    VSX Series | HUTIRA Gas

    High-precision quick-release with zero memory effect. Possibility of connection of remote signaling of damper status and remote control by solenoid valve. It is used from VHP to MP RS in gas networks or industrial distribution systems.

    VSX Series

    OS/66 Series | HUTIRA Gas

    The trigger mechanism of the safety quick-release valve OS/66 series is supplied built-in into the valve of various types of regulators (series B/240, A/100 – 140, RP/, MBN) or separately in the body as type BM/7.It is supplied with internal and external sensing output (monitored) pressure values. The setting of the quick-closing tripping values ​​is by means of two independent springs.

    OS/66 Series

    OS80 Series | HUTIRA Gas

    The pilots of this series are spring-operated devices that allow the release of the closing mechanism of the safety quick-release when the set parameters are exceeded.

    OS80 Series

    OS 2 | HUTIRA Gas

    The OS 2 trigger mechanism consists of a mechanical housing (BM) and one or two safety pressure gauges (BMS). Its task is to activate the safety quick release when the pressure in the monitored network increases or decreases.

    OS 2