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    Product description

    Injection stations and use for transport

    • Inlet control of gas parameters
    • Adjustment of the pressure to a suitable level
    • Heating value compensation
    • Business and operational measurement
    • Injection and transport of biomethane into the gas system

    Injection into the network

    • Adjusts pressure parameters (compression, regulation).
    • Removes excess moisture (drying).
    • Adjusts the value of combustion heat (propanization).
    • Adds odourant (odourization).
    • Prevents the injection of biomethane of unsatisfactory quality.
    • Measures the volumetric amount of biomethane for reporting and invoicing purposes (volumetrically).
    • It monitors local and remote operating states, archives measured values.
    • Communicates with the control system operator’s control room / communicates with the CNG or LNG production control system.
    • Communicates with the control system of the biogas plant and the biogas treatment technology.

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    The BPS trend is the conversion from combined heat and power generation to biomethane production

    • Renewable energy source.
    • Eco-friendly fuel for transport.
    • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Replaces fossil fuels.
    • Easier to store than electricity and heat.
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