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    Product description

    Upgrading of biogas into biomethane

    • Processing of raw biomethane
    • State-of-the-art membrane technology

    Upgrading of biogas into biomethane

    • Methane content in separated CO2 is less than 0,5 %
    • Carborex®MS multi-stage technology guarantees a methane content of at least 98 %
    • Low electricity consumption per unit of inlet gas (must be completed)
    • Technologically tuned collaboration between hardware and software, the result of experience from more than 113 installations worldwide
    • The “plug and play” system, which offers a complete ready-made solution integrated into a container unit, has the advantage of easy installation and quick commissioning
    • Thanks to its modularity, this technology provides solutions for installations with production from tens to thousands of m3 of biogas per hour.

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