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    RV | HUTIRA Gas

    RV safety valves are most often used as control safety valves in combination with gas pressure regulators (which do not contain a control safety valve). They can be used for natural gas, methane, butane, propane and other non-corrosive gases.


    V/50 and V/60 | HUTIRA Gas

    The V/50 and V/60 series safety valves are specially designed for use on low and medium pressure equipment. Special care and attention was paid to the design and manufacture of components as well as maximum operational accuracy and sensitivity in order to ensure a very low hysteresis value.

    V/50 and V/60

    V/20-2 | HUTIRA Gas

    Safety valves V/20-2 are designed for use on medium-pressure and high-pressure equipment in the range of set values ​​from 1.5 to 40 bar. The setting can be changed by replacing the control spring with a spring with the required range. Structurally simple spring-controlled safety valve with reliable function. Thanks to these properties and easy operational maintenance, it is widely used in the distribution of pressure media.


    VS-FL Series | HUTIRA Gas

    Pilot-controlled safety valve designed for installation in pipes with non-aggressive gases. The advantages of the controlled safety valves of the VS-FL series are precise setting of the opening pressure, tight closing and the ability to blow out large gas flow rates.

    VS-FL Series