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    The poor quality of water, its colour, including the high content of unsuitable substances and frequent bans on the use of water were unfortunately a daily reality in the municipality of Vrchy, which had been constantly deteriorating with advancing climate change. The representatives of the municipality simply had to react to this situation and look for suitable technology and a reliable supplier who would help the local residents.


    In the municipality of Vrchy, we performed a complete revitalization of the water source. The basis was the construction of a new deep well, including its rigging. This makes it possible to take raw water, which has a higher amount of microbial components and manganese than is permitted by the standards, but our proven HUTIRA CCW water treatment technology can easily handle such a situation. The delivery of this treatment plant in a container design therefore became part of the revitalization.


    • own water source
    • continuous control over the quality of treated water
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • possibility of using subsidies from the National Environment Program (until 12/2020)
    • breaking down the problem of water shortages
    • excellent quality of drinking water compared to the situation before the revitalization, which is now fully compliant with standards

    Easy solution even for small communities

    A similar solution is very suitable for any municipality that is dealing with problems of poor quality water or struggles with its lack. Container water treatment plants are very practical, easy to operate. This is a purely Czech technology, with which the company HUTIRA – BRNO and HUTIRA – VISION has extensive experience.