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    town of Handlova, Slovakia

    Implementation Date





    In the town of Handlova in Slovakia, it was necessary to renew the central heat source and replace the unsatisfactory and obsolete technical solution with a new one. The first work was commenced in early June and it was absolutely necessary to complete the whole project with the start of the heating season.


    During the renovation of the central heat source in Handlova, the original heat source was replaced by a total of thirteen hot water boiler rooms with outputs from 240 kW to 10 MW. LOOS and BUDERUS boilers using DREIZLER burner technology were installed in these boiler rooms.


    • 100% production in the Czech Republic.
    • Easy transport to the destination.
    • The set is customized according to the client’s requirements.
    • The technology can contain optional items (filter, measuring, control part and chromatograph).
    • The container serves both as a transport and construction building.

    In record time

    Within the scope of the project, a total of 16 kilometres of pre-insulated pipes from FINTHERM Praha were laid. In addition to the supply of boilers, we also installed 108 heat transfer stations supplied by SYSTHERM, s.r.o. The end consumer’s facilities were then regulated using the DANFOS technology.

    We managed to complete the whole challenging project along with our subsidiary HUTIRA Slovakia in just 116 days, when an official approval took place on October 10, 2004, as the last step before commissioning.