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  • Hutira

    Construction properties

    Technical parameters

    Standard manometers

    Case diameter: 63,100 and 160mm
    Connection: bottom
    Class of accuracy: 1,6
    Thread: M20x1,5; G 1/4
    Sale: in kPa
    Housing: Steel
    Vision slit: PH or instrument glass
    Code list: Al, white background, black scale
    Indicator: Al, colour black
    Machine: CuZn (Ms)
    Measuring system: tubular spring or box membrane, copper alloy
    Zero-point setting (for manometers with box membrane)

    Code of goods Name Scope Diameter Connection
    42245501 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,G1/4″ 0-10kPa, dia.63 0-10kPa 63 mm G1/4″
    42245502 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-10kPa, dia.100 0-10kPa 100 mm M20x1,5
    42245503 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-25kPa, dia.100 0-25kPa 100 mm M20x1,5
    42245504 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-60kPa, dia.100 0-60kPa 100 mm M20x1,5
    42245505 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-160kPa, dia.100 0-160kPa 100 mm M20x1,5
    42245506 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-600kPa, dia.100 0-600kPa 100 mm M20x1,5
    42245507 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-10kPa, dia.160 0-10kPa 160 mm M20x1,5
    42245508 Manometer HUTIRA 1,6%,M20,0-600kPa, dia.160 0-600kPa 160mm M20x1,5