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    This year, HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o. has participated in the E.ON Energy Globe competition, which helps to promote projects that deserve publicity for their innovative approach to energy saving and/or environment protection. Our unique mobile water treatment plant was selected for final round by a committee, whose members include experts from Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The winner was then chosen based on public voting. Our company reached second place.

    We are pleased to present our unique mobile water treatment plant (WTP) for drinking water treatment. It can be used, for example, in case of accident or natural disaster. In such situations, the usual water source may not available. This technology can handle even very dirty and muddy water. Drinking water is available as early as 20 minutes after the WTP reaches the target destination.

    The HUTIRA CCW mobile WTP is a unique device for production of drinking water. The patented pulse clarifier can handle even severely contaminated water from surface sources. Cleaning is carried out by a powerful system of pressure filters, UV radiation, and disinfectants. The treatment process can be adapted to local conditions and the degree of contamination of the incoming water.

    The actual WTP is mounted on a robust trailer and can produce drinking water 20 minutes after the start of the cleaning process. The system can provide daily volume of drinking water for up to 7,200 people. Using a special add-on line, the drinking water can be filled in bags or stored in rubber water tanks. In addition, the plant can change its position and provide water in different places during the day.

    It is worth noting that our WTP can be used during accidents and shutdowns of existing drinking water systems. In such case, the municipalities do not have to arrange costly transport of water tank trucks. Other usage scenarios include filling pools or supplying drinking water at outdoor cultural events.

    And what makes our project so unique?

    • Wide range of applications – from natural disasters to filling swimming pools.

    • Cheap and quick process of drinking water preparation.

    • Optional add-on line for filling bags.

    • Patented Czech technology.

    We thank all supporters who sent us their vote and we congratulate the winner of the competition.

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