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    Sometimes, our customers gasp: „Gosh, this thing is really expensive!“ or „What on Earth can be so expensive about it?“ The answer is not that complicated.

    Our company has always been offering innovative solutions of the highest quality. This applies to the Modulo small water meter system, which is a result of several years of development, testing and improvement.

    Test bench

    Every Modulo water well has been tested on our state-of-art test bench. Prior to the completion of each shaft, we perform a severe armature testing including pressure test (16 bar) and flow test.

    Extreme climate chamber

    Modulo water meter shafts are delivered to Czech and Slovak markets with a guarantee of frost resistance. The guarantee is supported by extensive simulations under average temperatures in a climate chamber. Our 15-year experience with customers in our country speaks for itself. We have received positive feedback from mountain areas as well as recreational resorts with limited water flow during the course of year.

    Laboratory testing

    The shaft is manufactured from a special glass-fiber reinforced composite. This makes the product more resistant against deformation than conventional plastic and/or recycled material. The final composition of the material as well as the actual design is a result of extensive stress/strain testing.

    Design and development

    We do our best to meet specific requirements of individual water supply operators and/or utility owners. Customization has become an integral part of development, improvement and manufacturing of our products. Examples include launch of the new composite shaft last year. This new type was designed to accommodate larger water meters (DN 25, L = 260 mm).

    In 2018, the Modulo shaft isolation was modified. Space over the water meter was expanded to improve service access and make installation of remote reading systems easier.

    New things are to come in 2019, too. The Modulo shafts will be soon available with a heavy duty hatch featuring permissible load of 25 t (load class C 250) and 40 t (load class D 400). Thus, these hatches can be safely used on roads and locations where passing vehicles are expected to weigh more than the usual 3.5 t.

    For more information about Modulo Small Water Meters, click HERE.


    climate chamber

    design office

    hydraulic test bench

    labo testing

    leak test bench

    hatch for 25/40t load

    hatch for 25/40t load

    hatch for 25/40t load