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    Gas and water industry, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, but also healthcare, gastronomy sector, hotel industry, sports and the military. This is just a quick list of several sectors where fast, low-cost, yet efficient container solutions can be used. HUTIRA’s clients are increasingly looking for such solutions, as evidenced by the latest interesting order.

    Rodenstock, based in Klatovy, is engaged in the manufacture of spectacle lenses and is one of the most successful companies on the market. Last year, they needed to expand their administrative facilities and decided on a modular configuration. The three-storey building consists of a total of 30 modules (10 on each floor) with dimensions of 9000 × 2990 × 3240 mm, which were produced on the premises of HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. in Popůvky during the winter months. In the spring, the individual modules were brought to the site and their assembly began. The whole construction was completed in July.

    Klatovy – administrativní budova

    In a record time, a comfortable administrative building was created, housing 16 offices, 4 large meeting rooms and large offices, a server room, a custodial room, 7 rooms with sanitary facilities and 3 kitchenettes. Since the modules were prefabricated, only their assembly, connection to utilities and wiring took place on site.

    This was far from the first order which included container solution. We commonly use them for the purpose of locating our technologies or for locating technological units for our customers. During the pandemic, our containers even served in healthcare. We were unable to complete one foreign order during the pandemic, so we lent the spare containers to the hospitals, free of charge, that set up collection points there.

    However, the HUTIRA brand is by far the most dedicated to the construction and assembly of technological containers for regulation stations in the gas industry, water treatment technology, biomethane treatment plants, injection units or breweries, or other technological units according to customer requirements. The biggest advantages of these modular containers include: faster delivery compared to standard solutions, simplification of transport and the possibility of a mobile solution. Container water treatment plants are thus very suitable for smaller and larger municipalities, as well as private businesses such as hotels, spas or outdoor swimming pools.

    Ukázka kontejnerové úpravny vody HUTRIA CCW

    If you are interested in container solutions, contact us. Container solutions are highly variable, so we are sure to find a suitable solution for you.