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    One of the pillars of the HUTIRA brand is social responsibility. Every year we set up to 1 % of the economic result of HUTIRA – BRNO for charitable projects. We distribute these resources fairly. The development of culture, sports, nature protection, but above all helping people in need. All of our companies bring together a large number of people who actively seek out projects where it is possible to lend a helping hand or support a good initiative. The year 2021 was no exception to this rule.

    Various donations to people, foundations, associations or non-profit organizations have long been a part of the HUTIRA brand activities. In 2021, we supported, for example, lunches for children, the KRTEK Children’s Oncology Foundation or the help for endangered animals. By purchasing 9 thousand square meters of forest, we saved it from being cut down, then we planted 30 trees on the premises of the HUTIRA – BRNO company, we placed three treated beehives on the land of the company ATJ special, s.r.o. In the long term we have been using electricity generated from solar energy, we heat and cool with heat pumps, a significant part of our fleet runs on CNG. We also motivate other companies to be socially responsible – we initiated the creation of the Go Green platform to share the examples of good environmental practice among other companies in the region.

    Every month we organize a collection among our employees, which we call a “charity drinking coffee – fundraising” The money raised from drinking coffee (and not only from drinking coffee, as many people contribute even if they don’t drink it or just for the sake of it) is donated to a chosen foundation or project.

    This year, we also offered a helping hand in solving or mitigating the consequences of two extraordinary crisis situations that hit our country. During the spring wave of the covid-19 pandemic, we lent containers to the Brno and Tisnov hospitals to set up sampling points for COVID tests.

    When in late June a tornado swept through several villages just a few dozen kilometres from the company’s headquarters and the manufacturing facility, everyone at the HUTIRA company never doubted for a moment that help would be needed. We approached the Integrated Rescue System of the South Moravian Region and offered our water treatment plants, empty containers, assistance with securing the gas supplies, etc. All of course free of charge and with our professional staff. It was the expertise in specific fields that enabled us to contribute to the relief of the effects of this extraordinary natural disaster.

    Within the Chamber of Commerce, we co-organised the assistance to the affected companies and their employees. We approached our customers who were based in the affected area to see if they needed help with finishing or taking over any of their contracts, in addition to material assistance – as many of their employees had only to deal with how to provide for their families and their housing. Within our companies, we have been going through the supplies and equipment that were useful elsewhere at the moment and we could donate or temporarily loan it for free.

    The HUTIRA brand would like to thank all its employees who decided to help others. And it is this dedication that makes our companies strong.