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    A new water treatment plant for Rajnochovice village


    Lack of drinking water is certainly one of urgent global problems. Supply of quality drinking water is a primary goal of water management industry and our company HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. and HUTIRA VISION, s.r.o. as well.

    Drinking water is usually acquired from raw water in a water treatment plant. The actual process is regularly monitored to ensure that drinking water meets all hygienic requirements as defined by government regulations. The drinking water is then distributed through dedicated water supply system to end consumers.

    Rajnochovice, a highly attractive village in the Hostýnské vrchy region, has suffered from lack of drinking water. In order to provide water for the people, the municipality decided to address this problem by pumping underground water from a borehole, establishing a brand new water treatment plant (WTP), and connecting to public water supply system.

    HUTIRA Company has been selected for the implementation of this project. Finished supporting WTP was commissioned at the end of last year. It operates in automatic mode and can be easily shut down using an electrical switchboard located in the WTP container. The appearance of the facility was designed with maximum respect to surrounding landscape and the WTP container is covered with natural wood panels.

    Rajnochovice used a grant for the realization of the WTP. Grant Call No. 2/2018 is available within the National Environment Program. Grant applications should be submitted to State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic from May 4 2018 to December 18 2020 or until the funding is available. The Fund has allocated as much as CZK 600 million from its budget for this program.

    The grants can be awarded to municipalities, voluntary associations of municipalities, public organizations, and companies owned by municipalities, towns or other public entities (e.g. water supply/sewerage operators). The grant call is one-round and non-competitive. The applications will be assessed and approved as they come.

    Source: SEF CR,, various press releases.

    For more information about HUTIRA CCW water treatment technology, click HERE.

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