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    Also, we try to go a little further. Our philosophy of helping is no stranger to the people in our team. Who wouldn’t like good coffee! In Popůvky, we like coffee even more because a certain amount from each cup of coffee goes to the money box and the relevant amount then goes every month to support a selected project. We support up to 12 different foundations a year and our “DOBROKÁVA” (GOODCOFFEE) has an even better aroma!

    Many of us have people in the neighbourhood who need some kind of help, so if someone from our team presents proof of payment for charity, the company will automatically contribute the same amount to this project.

    Every year, we support projects of various specializations, whether it is seniors, disabled children or children in need, cultural events, but also retired athletes, or, on the contrary, young promising sports talents. One of the many examples is our long-term cooperation with the Milan Nový’s CAPS 66 Foundation.

    During the operation of our company, we have supported several dozen different organizations and associations in this way, and we are pleased that we can do this even in today’s complicated times.