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    Technical parameters


    The materials used are of the highest quality, selected to be safe and durable in all conditions of use. The insert is made of glass fibres, coated with silicone rubber with three clasps.
    The jackets are temperature resistant up to 180 °C, waterproof, have increased fire resistance and resistance to condensation.

    Part of the equipment

    The heating jackets are supplied with a 3 m PVC power cable, coated with galvanized steel and with a built-in thermostat adjustable from 0 to 90 °C.

    Advantages of the product

    • Easy handling
    • Immediate heating
    • More than 50-year tradition of the company AMARC

    Technical data

    Technical data CT/25, CT/50, CT/100, CT/200
    Temperature max. 90 °C (indoors)
    Regulation capillary thermostat
    Protection IP 40
    Power cord 3 m
    Barrel volume Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Voltage (V) Output (W) Code
    25 l 870/1020×400 10 230/l 200 CT/25
    50 l 1100/1250×460 15 230/l 250 CT/50
    100 l 1500/1650×370 20 230/l 400 CT/100
    200 l 1800/1950×800 25 230/l 1200 CT/200