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    Technical parameters


    cabinet base, height 500 mm

    Advantages of the product

    • These cabinets are made of thermoplastic, containing additives to prevent the spread of flame and ageing of the material.
    • Upon request, we supply SEF plastic enclosures with non-standard dimensions (marked SEF X) according to the design of the customer/operator.

    Dimensions of cabinets and plinths SEF

    Code Type Dimension
    445255456 Cabinet SEF 1 1400x1350x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255457 Cabinet SEF 2 1400x1485x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255458 Cabinet SEF 3 1400x1575x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255825 Cabinet SEF 70 1500x1755x585 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255880 Cabinet SEF 80 1800x1935x720 (h x w x d) grey
    445255884 Cabinet SEF 90 1800x2520x720 (h x w x d) grey
    445255822 Cabinet SEF 1 500x1350x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445274783 Cabinet SEF 2 500x1485x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255824 Cabinet SEF 3 500x1575x450 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255826 Cabinet SEF 70 500x1755x585 mm (h x w x d) grey
    445255881 Cabinet SEF 80 500x1935x720 mm  (h x w x d) grey
    445255885 Cabinet SEF 90 500x2520x720 mm (h x w x d) grey


    For download

    Technical sheet - SEF stáhnout