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    Book your service inspection of gas supply equipment in advance

    As the heating season begins in the end of September, both companies and households need to pass a service inspection to ensure smooth operation of gas supply equipment. Recommended periodic inspections of gas pressure regulators are carried out at intervals specified by the manufacturer. As far as regulators with safety shut-off are concerned, the inspection is usually requested once a year. And when is the best time? Right now!

    To avoid any unexpected emergency situations during the heating season, HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. technicians are ready to perform these inspections for you. During each such inspection, the following features are checked with respect to proper settings and/or functionality: regulator, slam shut valve, safety valve, and gas filter (cleaned if necessary). Overall tightness of the system is tested as well.

    All devices get older with time. Gas pressure regulators are no exception. If our technician warns you about ending service life of your regulator, you should consider replacement or refurbishment of the device. Our staff will present you with options suitable for your specific needs. We provide fast delivery, professional installation, commissioning, and operator training as well. Our service technicians are trained to perform any operation with any regulator that we had sold you in the past.

    If you haven’t booked your inspection yet, contact us as soon as possible. This year, we have expanded our team and now have a new service technician based in Pardubice. To order your inspection, write to or choose a service in your region:

    Bohemia region:

    ·, phone: +420 602 726 215
    ·, phone: +420 602 693 853

    Moravia region:

    ·, phone: +420 602 536 335
    ·, phone: +420 602 708 458

    Eastern Bohemia region:

    ·, phone: +420 702 245 176

    Slovakia region:

    ·, phone: +421 905 380 644

    If you want, you can sign a service contract with our company. As a result, our dedicated service technician will contact you in advance and arrange a regular periodic inspection based on your needs.

    Note that our training facility in Popuvky provides courses for gas industry professionals and is equipped with the most common types of gas regulators.