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    In 2020, we have purchased a new Liebherr 566 loader (with 4.7 m3 bucket) and new truck scale that can handle vehicles with length up to 18m.

    „The Liebherr machines feature low noise emissions and excellent fuel economy.“ We have been using machinery of this brand in the quarry for a long time. Low noise and fuel economy are crucial for selection of the new Liebherr 566 loader. Thanks to the larger volume of the 4.7 m3 bucket, we have significantly streamlined the loading and unloading of the rock material.

    In addition, we have purchased a new truck scale. The truck scale from the Tenzováhy, s.r.o. Company makes it possible to weight fully loaded trucks with length up to 18m and capacity up to 60t.

    These machines represent a significant investment. However, the machinery is very important for effective operation of the quarry.

    The new Liebherr 566 loader

    Opening ceremony for the new truck scale