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    Climate change on the planet – we are not indifferent

    Each of us is here for only a few decades… we recently heralded a better future and today, after 30 years, we can summarize. We’ve opened our eyes, we see the whole world today not only through our increasingly developed technologies, the media, but also personally, because we yearn to see IT. Seeing with your own eyes, feeling IT, living IT, breathing IT – that perfection and beauty – to feel and see it in every form.

    Our Earth.

    That’s why we fly to the beautiful destinations of our blue and green planet. That’s why we fly to previously nearly inaccessible areas. We sail across the oceans, we go down the rivers, conquer the poles, wander the deserts and tundra and climb the hills. They’ll even carry us today at Chomolungma if we pay well! Again, so that we can see the beauty, the top-down view… now on the melting glaciers, revealing the remains of climbers who had voluntarily shortened their stay on the blue and green planet years ago in their desire and passion. They through their toil and the desire for a selfless experience, not for money, but in the same desire as others who want to see IT, too. Not everyone can reach the highest peak. But! Maybe it’s possible if we pay today. It just needs the desire and we’ll have it without any difference. The desire for a better life, health, happiness, for a better experience, for more adrenaline, for more rest, for more inactivity, or even for greater prosperity, crime or mischief.

    That’s what we are. People.

    We live peacefully on our planet, robbing it, taking from the bowels of the earth, enjoying it, delighting in it, and taking every second of the beneficial fluid called life that IT still sacrifices for us. We give damn little in return for all that it gives us, for our constant destruction of it and its willingness to keep on trying with us. Quite the contrary. We give it almost nothing in return and we treat it like an ill-mannered brat.

    We’re just people. Unstoppable! Unstoppable in destruction coupled with the desire to move on. To knowledge, to desire. But where to …?!!!

    We’re people. We’re HUTIRA and we know that evolution is an unstoppable process. Yes, we have a desire to move on. But we try to move on with humility and respect. Not only the inner one, but also the one in search of an acceptable compromise and satisfaction for being on Earth. All this so that we can at least have a semblance of a clear conscience and that we can see the beauty for many years – not only for us but also the next generation.

    We’re HUTIRA and we try to contribute by small things. We strive as a team, but also for ourselves. It’s just the right way – start. Everyone on their own, each for themselves. Communicate IT and feel good about doing something for IT. That I try, even by thinking about that I even want to think about IT.

    With due respect to nature

    Ivo Hutira

    What do we do for IT?

    – we are moving towards sustainable solutions

    – we respect the environmental behaviour of society

    – we try to reduce negative impacts on the environment

    – we try to reduce the environmental burden and our carbon footprint

    How do we help?

    – we reduce energy consumption of buildings (FVT, PV and heat pumps)

    – we prefer local suppliers, we reduce logistic costs

    – we reduce the carbon footprint thanks to our CNG fleet

    – we contribute and support environmentally-oriented projects

    – we move projects towards environmental protection and economic efficiency of implementation within the fields and focus of our companies

    – we focus on water and energy management projects

    – we focus on Green Gas projects

    – we sort waste

    – we offer employees the possibility of lunches from companies with returnable packaging

    – we reduce the consumption of office paper, we print with care

    – we strive to think and work across companies in an environmentally and sustainable manner

    Our company philosophy is reflected not only in our motto “with respect for nature”, but also in projects that we realize and support. One of the projects we were involved in at the time of its inception in 2018 was an art project by a Brno film-maker, the prominent photographer and typographer Tomáš Benda, named Oslava proudů. The film, or more precisely an artistically conceived documentary film, and an exhibition are dedicated to the Oslava River Valley around Náměšť nad Oslavou in the Třebíč area and captures the beauty of one of the largest nature reserves in the Czech Republic in the Náměšť region. The project was successfully completed this May and premiered on June 29, 2019. The main theme of the work is to save the Oslava River, known as ‘Oslávka’, by the locals and also to support the Náměšťsko micro-region.

    You can see more about the project HERE.