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    Municipality of Rajnochovice

    Implementation date





    The municipality of Rajnochovice has its own underground water source, which, however, does not in itself meet the legislative requirements for drinking water. Nevertheless, its representatives were looking for a way that would allow them to use this water as drinking water.


    The solution turned out to be the installation of the HUTIRA CCW stationary water treatment plant, which was provided for the municipality in cooperation with HUTIRA – VISION by our company. Thanks to the HUTIRA Crystal Clear Water technology, we have achieved water treatment on such a level that it can be connected to water mains without any restrictions and thus strengthen the supply of drinking water for the entire municipality and the surrounding area.


    • clean eco-friendly technology
    • own water source
    • continuous control over the quality of treated water
    • environmentally friendly operation
    • aesthetic solution
    • possibility of using subsidies from the National Environment Program (until 12/2020)

    With respect to the environment

    The Hutira CCW water treatment plant in Rajnochovice excels not only in its technological solution but also in its aesthetic processing. In order for the construction concept not to disturb its surroundings in the centre of nature, our container solution is completely lined with wooden boards, highly aesthetic and ecological material. These apparent details are also important to us and in accordance with our “with respect for nature” motto, we pay heed to them.