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    Opava Municipal swimming pool

    Implementation date

    August 2016




    The aim of the project was to install a water treatment plant which will enable the use of water from a nearby municipal sluice for the operation of a public swimming pool. The main motivation for this step was the effort to obtain significant financial savings compared to highly expensive water consumption from the water supply system.


    We installed a HUTIRA CCW stationary water treatment plant on site. It ensures the treatment of water from the natural stream to one that complies with all hygienic standards. At the same time, it has sufficient capacity, and the operator of the summer swimming pool has enough quality water even during the most frequented times of the swimming pool.


    • Financial savings for a smaller amount of water pumped from the water supply system.
    • Financial savings due to less water reheating.
    • A favourable price and a fast return on investment.
    • Keeping installation deadlines and their smooth running.
    • Support during operation by HUTIRA – BRNO.

    Municipal swimming pool with a sluice nearby

    Until 2016, the municipal swimming pool in Opava used tap water for its needs. However, a decision to change this very expensive variant was made. The most efficient solution was to use a nearby city sluice, the water of which previously served as a utility water reservoir for several industrial facilities nearby. The sluice is supplied by the Opava River.

    The outdoor swimming pool is open for about three months of the year, usually from June to August, depending on the weather. During the high season, it serves up to thousands of visitors a day. The requirements for a quantity of water of reasonable quality therefore also correspond to how many people visit the swimming pool.

    The water treatment plant in Opava works with surface water from the sluice, which is piped to the distribution chamber. The output of the treatment plant is a total of 20 m³ of water per hour, while up to 300 m³ must be allowed per day. The total volume of water in the pools of the Opava swimming pool complex is then 3,500 m³.

    Preservationists determine the conditions

    The complex has been operating as a public swimming pool since 1931. Not only is it a place of summer relaxation, but also an architectural work by architect Otto Reichner. After evaluating all possibilities, Technické služby Opava s.r.o., which operates the swimming pool complex, decided to use a Crystal Clear Water treatment plant from the company HUTIRA – BRNO for the solution. The requirements of preservationists were also incorporated into the project, who, when building the building for the water treatment plant, paid particular attention to adhering to the style of the architect Reichner.

    Effective cooperation

    Thanks to the HUTIRA CCW water treatment plant, the swimming pool operators were able to stop relying on water from the water supply system. The treatment plant allows the use of water from a natural stream, i.e. from a nearby city sluice. The connection between the swimming pool and the sluice was built in the past, so it was enough to connect the new treatment plant and start using its benefits. In spite of the specific requirements of preservationists, the construction was completed in an unusually short time. Construction began in February 2016 and was completed in July 2016.

    An investment that has paid off

    The operators have not had to deal with any technical problems since the installation of the treatment plant, and apart from filling at the beginning of the season, they do not have to use tap water at all. So the savings are obvious. In addition to the amount of water consumed, it also saves on heating. “We still have to reheat the water we clean for the swimming pool. At the time when we were using tap water, we were forced to reheat to the standard 25 degrees from the relatively cold water. City water is around 12 degrees,” described Petr Mikeska. However, the water in the sluice is warmer, often up to 20 degrees.

    In the future, the city plans to build an indoor swimming pool on the premises and expects that it would also be possible to use crystal clear water treated with HUTIRA – BRNO technology for its operation

    You can read more information in the article here.

    HUTIRA – BRNO delivered everything needed on time and the installation took place without any complications. Thanks to this, we were able to put the treatment plant into full operation in August 2016. At the same time, we appreciated that the company provides service both during the connection of the treatment plant and after the completion of work. It also participates in every subsequent start-up of the treatment plant, always at the beginning of the season.

    Petr Mikeska
    Head of Swimming Pool Operations, Technické služby Opava