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    Basic information

    The solution allows

    • Maximum use of surface water resources.
    • Various design modifications.
    • Remote management of the system.

    Suitable for

    • social events – festivals, concerts
    • cleaning ponds
    • natural disasters
    • army
    • camp grounds
    • agricultural enterprises
    • humanitarian aid

    Advantages of the solution

    • immediate deployment into action thanks to the possibility of quick commissioning
    • mobile solution
    • lower water distribution costs and simplification of logistics
    Trailer water treatment unit | HUTIRA

    Technical parameters

    Output Input Weight Costs for treatment of 1mof water Water consumption per capita 5l/day Water consumption per capita 100l/day
    1 500 l/h 2,5 kW 1 300 kg CZK 5 for up to 7 200 inhabitants for up to 360 inhabitants

    How does the treatment technology process work?

    The treatment unit is equipped with a submersible pump, coarse pre-filtration of mechanical impurities and subsequently pressure filters with selective fillings. The pre-treated water is chemically treated by dosing coagulants, pH correctors or disinfectants. Dosing is provided by dosing pumps. The whole technology is designed so that it is possible to adapt the technological processes of water treatment directly on site to the quality of the incoming water. Water treatment is based on the use of unique pulse clarifier technology.

    What does Mobile Water Trailer 1500 technology eliminate?

    Mechanical impurities, iron, manganese, water hardness, turbidity, bacteria, (coliform, cultivable, EC,…) viruses, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollution, colloidal substances.

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