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    Basic information

    The solution allows

    • Modification of technology according to raw water parameters.
    • Remote management of the entire system.
    • Various design variants according to customer requirements (with integrated ATS and storage tank, variant for exterior).
    • Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be easily placed indoors.

    Suitable for

    • small municipalities
    • settlements
    • army
    • mini breweries
    • camp grounds
    • agriculture
    • hotels

    Technical parameters

    Output Input Weight Costs for treatment  of 1m3 of water Water consumption per capita 5l/day Water consumption per capita 100l/day
    300-500 l/h 150 W 120 kg CZK 1 for up to 2 400 inhabitants for up to 120 inhabitants

    How does the WATER CAT 500 modification process work?

    The inlet water is pumped by a pump through an automatic sludge filter, then the water is treated on 2 pressure filters filled with a selective filling to remove unwanted substances (filter washing is controlled automatically). The next stage of treatment is ultrafiltration, which removes bacteria and viruses from the treated water, removes paint and residual impurities. The last stage of treatment is the hygienic water sanitation by UV radiation.

    What does WATER CAT 500 technology eliminate?

    Mechanical impurities, iron, manganese, water hardness, turbidity, bacteria (coliform, cultivable, EC,…) viruses, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollution, colloidal substances.

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