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    Basic information

    The solution allows

    • Mobile variant of a container for surface water treatment for supply in crisis situations.
    • Stationary variant for long-term treatment from a local underground or surface source.
    • Minimize construction work and thus simplify and reduce the cost of the entire project.
    • Design of the container according to the customer’s wishes.

    Suitable for

    • large and medium-sized municipalities
    • hotels
    • swimming pools
    • aquaparks
    • spa
    • firefighters
    • army
    • industry
    • agricultural enterprises
    • mining industry

    Technical parameters

    Output Input Weight Costs for treatment of 1m3 of water Water consumption per capita 5l/day Water consumption per capita 100l/day
    5 000 l/h 6 kW 4 000 kg CZK 6-10 for up to 48 000 inhabitants for up to 2 400 inhabitants

    How does the CONTAINER WATER TREATMENT adjustment process work?

    The raw water is pumped to the prefilter, mechanical impurities are removed on a tangential separator (hydrocyclone). Coagulants and flocculants are added to the water to support flocculation in the pulse clarifier. In the clarifier, mechanical impurities are removed and the content of dissolved substances is reduced, the water flows into the regulating tank, from where it is pumped to a set of pressure selective filters. Minor mechanical impurities, paint, odours and sludge are removed. The water is hygienically secured by UV radiation with photocatalytic oxidation, the concentrations of pesticides, hormones and other undesirable substances are reduced.

    What does CONTAINER WATER TREATMENT technology eliminate?

    Mechanical impurities, iron, manganese, water hardness, turbidity, bacteria, viruses, nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, organic pollution, colloidal substances, it adjusts colour, taste, odours and pH.

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