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    Small water treatment unit – WATER CAT 500 | HUTIRA Water

    Small, compact, fully automatic water treatment plant WATER CAT 500.

    Small water treatment unit – WATER CAT 500

    Trailer water treatment unit | HUTIRA Water

    Unique Mobile Water Trailer 1500 water treatment plant can be put into operation in minutes. It is suitable for emergency supply of drinking water from surface sources. The treatment plant is mounted on a classic trailer behind the car.

    Trailer water treatment unit

    Container water treatment unit | HUTIRA Water

    CONTAINER WATER TREATMENT water treatment plant is an effective way of water treatment in an insulated, air-conditioned container.

    Container water treatment unit

    Modular water treatment plant | HUTIRA Water

    The treatment plant consists of individual modules (e.g. pre-filtration module, pressure filter module, correction reagent dosing module), which can be immediately assembled and installed according to the water input parameters.

    Modular water treatment plant