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    Things are going well, next year we will be celebrating 30 successful years on the market. We are successfully developing, are open to new challenges and our ranks are growing. We now have more than 120 employees. And we are happy to be able to share this success with those who need it the most. It is important to us that those around us are happy, which is why we try to create good working conditions for our employees. But we also look beyond the boundaries of our company to see where else we can provide help and be beneficial. Each year we support projects that focus on various issues, be it senior citizens, children who are ill or have been abandoned, or perhaps retired athletes or young athletes that are up and coming. We also consider the environment and culture to be of importance and pay them both considerable attention. This past year we managed to spark a ray of hope in almost forty different projects. Sometimes we help with a gift, other times we offer financial help.  The important thing is that we provide each project with exactly what they need to put a smile on their face; that is what gives us the satisfaction of a job well done. That is our main value and the motivation that makes us continue pursuing such activities.

    Let’s motivate each other. You want to know how? In the future, HUTIRA is planning on investing 1 percent of all economic profit into charitable projects. We have launched an internal project called “Dobrokáva” (Good Coffee) where each cup of coffee you drink makes you feel even better than usual, as you are contributing to a good cause as you drink it. Which project we support changes every month meaning that we support 12 different foundations over the course of a year. In our lives, many of us come across people who are in need in some way or another, which is why we have implemented the following system: If any team member provides a receipt confirming that they have contributed a certain amount of money to a charitable cause, the company will automatically contribute the same amount to the same project.

    Bit by bit, we add shards to a mirror that reflects our good mood and the sense, that even in today’s busy world, we can stop, look up and consider what values really matter to us.

    Thank you to everyone who helps us help.