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    On 21 November 2019,  the „Global Environmental Changes and their Impacts“ international conference took place in the historical premises of the Police of the Czech Republic in Prague, The event was held under the auspices of Richard Brabec, Minister of the Environment. The conference was organized and moderated by Stanislav Berkovec, Member of Parliament of the Czech Republic. The conference itself included three panels: Water – Strategic Raw Material, Waste Processing and Utilization, and Electro mobility and Hydrogen Engines. The event was co-organized by the LISREC Endowment Fund with contributions from individual members of Rotary International from all over the world. During the one-day conference, the speakers commented various aspects of human activity impacting the environment and solution of pressing environmental problems.

    In the Water – Strategic Raw Material section, the lecturers focused on water resource management issues, climate change impacts, smart landscape concepts etc.  Petr Hajný, director of HUTIRA VISION company, presented a lecture entitled „Modern Water Treatment Plants and Innovative Ways of Supplying the Population with Drinking Water“. He spoke, inter alia, about the following topics:

    • Recent climate changes contributed to lack of water in watercourses and groundwater reservoirs.
    • Contamination of both surface water and groundwater is very dangerous.
    • Over half a million Czechs live without tap water.
    • More than a million and a half Czechs live in houses without sewer connection. This applies especially to small villages with limited budget. If the mayor finds out that the current water source is unsatisfactory and/or insufficient in terms of capacity, he must act as quickly as possible. Our mobile water treatment plants can provide water during watercourse construction or as a booster water source.


    The HUTIRA VISION Company

    We are actively seeking ways to improve water management, to make better use of surface water, and to provide water supply to areas with a lack of drinking water and/or poor drinking water quality. The company’s WTPs (Water Treatment Plants) have the following benefits:

    • Quick and easy installation without extra construction work
    • Low cost compared to conventional methods
    • Possible use of miscellaneous water sources

    We try to help our clients from the initial emergency water supply when the existing one is not sufficient. We are also able to negotiate all permits and related documents. The company also provides financing and long-term management of the WTP. In such cases, we have the responsibility for its operation.

    The international conference with participation of Czech government representatives, ambassadors, industry professionals, business community members, and media was the very first event of its kind in the Czech Republic. Total of 85 participants from the Czech Republic and abroad have promoted important aspects of life on our planet with respect to serious challenges that we will face in near future. As a part of the solution, we proudly present our reliable line of HUTIRA CCW water treatment plants.

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