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    The Regulation Technology Training courses in 2020 will be held as usual at HUTIRA – BRNO in Popuvky premises. The training room is equipped with functional regulators, slam shut valves and safety valves connected in sample circuits. For training purposes, we use a wide range of the most commonly used regulators – from household types to industrial applications. Our training center is registered in the list of certified professional gas education partners of the Czech Gas Association.

    The training includes the following two parts:

    a) Training for assembly/service personnel – practical skills, assembly procedures, commissioning of regulators, and setting of required values. Attendants receive a training certificate.

    b) Training for planners – design and selection of a suitable type of regulator, slam shut valve, regulation device, and regulation station.

    Training Courses in 2020:

    * The training fee may be subtracted as special discount for purchases over CZK 5000, – (excl. VAT). The discount can be applied within 14 days from the training date. Discounts can be cumulated and combined with other discounts.

    Example: 3 workers attend the training; discount of CZK 1,500 can be applied for purchases over CZK 15,000

    The training starts at 9 00 a.m.

    Each training takes about 3 – 4 hours

    Small refreshments are provided

    Accommodation in neighborhood can be arranged on request

    The training room capacity is limited

    If the minimum number of attendants is not reached, the training may be canceled

    Special training courses available for groups

    Reservations: +420 541 212 144

    We look forward to seeing you.