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    Regulation device from HUTIRA – BRNO in the center of Brno

    In November, we finished the “Natural Gas Distribution” contract for Badger Meter Czech Republic Company, s.r.o. in Brno on the Marikova Street. The job was initiated by an increase in gas consumption in the company’s premises. Scheduled tasks included adjustment of billing gas measurement, re-pressurizing of existing NTL to STL gas pipeline, and delivery of single-line control equipment for halls I and II as well as two-line control device with two different pressure outputs for Hall III. The entire project was completed in record time including disassembly and assembly. The billing gas measurement together with two control devices was made by our qualified team at the HUTIRA – BRNO s.r.o. premises in Popůvky. It took our team just one day to remove original measurement and pressure control devices, re-pressurize of the gas pipeline, and install two new control devices with connection to existing pipeline system in Badger Meter Company. As a result, the total gas supply shutdown time was as short as 7 hours.

    More information about our control devices can be found HERE.