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    Ottovka Mineral Water in Luhačovice is flowing again!

    One of the most famous springs in Luhačovice spa town named Ottovka Spring has been opened to public again. The unique water source was closed from July 2015 till November 2018 due to unsatisfactory results of microbiological analyzes.

    Since mineral water quality has been traditionally governed by special regulations, technical solution of this problem was a challenging task. Mineral waters are not allowed to be chemically modified. Thus, any treatment applied must not affect their composition.

    HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o.  company presented an innovative solution of this problem by UV- radiation disinfection of the mineral water flow. The procedure was bound to comply with ČSN 75 50 50-3 standard. The solution was supported by an independent expert assessment and approved by the Ministry of Health.

    Mineral water contains high concentrations of salts. As a result, the tube of low-pressure UV lamp must be frequently checked and cleaned.

    Latest analyzes have proven that the popular mineral water is now fully compliant with current microbiology standards.

    So, when you come to visit Luhačovice, you can enjoy drinking Ottovka again with no restrictions and/or negative consequences.

    The Ottovka Spring – drinking outlet

    Ottovka spring – overall view

    Source of Ottovka – spring