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    No more gas outages in Pilsen thanks to HUTIRA ME5 underground module

    In January 2019, repeated problems with natural gas supply were reported from the Albert hypermarket in the Cvokarska Street, Pilsen. The temperatures were quite low and the outages meant that the entire boiler room was out of order. Both employees and customers of the hypermarket suffered from cold which was unacceptable.

    Innogy Gas Provider Company performed an on-the-spot investigation. Results revealed a significantly low total pressure of 1.5kPa. First, Innogy experts carried out the drainage of both the drainers and the pipeline. Unfortunately, this action led to no improvements. The situation was probably caused by insufficient regulation of gas. The problem became serious due to long-term decline of outdoor temperatures.

    To resolve the issue, Innogy technicians decided to install a supporting regulation station. Since there was a crossing of PE dn160/380 kPa medium-pressure gas pipeline and DN200 NTL gas pipeline near the hypermarket, it was crucial to find a customized solution for these specific conditions.

    This goal was achieved thanks to the company HUTIRA – BRNO. Innovative ME5 underground module was delivered with precise settings for the local situation. When Innogy technicians activated the module, there was an immediate improvement in the hypermarket system. Despite very low temperatures, the gas pressure did not drop below 1.98kPa. Thus, the problem was solved thanks to professional assessment of the situation and selection of proper high-quality equipment.

    HUTIRA – BRNO has an extensive experience with ME underground modules. The company was the first supplier of this solution on the Czech market. Originally intended for historic buildings and city centers, ME underground modules have been successfully installed in many towns and cities. In Prague, for instance, more than 6,000 HUTIRA – BRNO underground modules have been installed by the Prazska Plynarenska Company over the course of 20 years.

    The latest HUTIRA ME5 module, which has been available to customers since summer 2018, has been used in Pilsen. Compared to previous generations, this device offers several new features including enlarged internal space for easy servicing, outlet closure inside the module, and the option of connecting replacement supply line inside the module.

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