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    We have been a supplier of underground modules for more than 20 years.

    Underground placement of NG pressure regulator is a common solution. This applies especially to sites where surface placement is undesirable, e.g. in historic city centers and/or in modern buildings.

    The well-proven and reliable ME 2 model has been in our product range since 1996. In 2015, it was upgraded with the CSB 400 series regulator.

    However, now we are introducing a new ME 5 model. Its design incorporates characteristics of the ME 2 plus an optional placement the output closure inside the module container. In addition, this new device offers external supply connectivity coupled with very small container. As with all other models, safety, reliability and easy service access remain excellent. Requirements for both placing more components inside the module container and minimizing its external dimensions may seem impossible to meet.

    However, we have found a feasible solution. The ME 5 offers output closure, external supply connection, and enlarged interior for service/maintenance tasks. Good news is that the overall container dimensions are only slightly bigger than before.

    For more information about underground placement of modules, click HERE.