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    Modulo Shafts Installation in Slatinice Spa Village

    Do you plan to build a new water supply or reconstruct your existing network? inspired by the example of Slatinice!

    The spa village Slatinice can be found near Moravian city of Olomouc. To the west of Slatinice lies Drahanská vrchovina Highlands with local peak of “Velky Kosir”. Highlights of the village include Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from 1775, a beautiful municipal office, a famous local spa (known since 1545), and museum of vintage vehicles. Accommodation in the locality can be booked in Majorka guesthouse offering a replica of 1930-era room and a luxurious VIP apartment with American stow and a separate entrance.

    We have delivered small water meter shafts to this picturesque village.

    Water supply in the village had been previously operated by a private company. In early 2017, the municipality decided to take over the operation of the water network. After almost a year and a quarter of independent operation, Slatinice has already earned enough funds to realize the first round of pipeline system repairs. In addition to the replacement of the main line, the municipality decided to remove water meters from cellars and to place new water meters in water meter shafts on public property. The reason for this move was to minimize unauthorized water consumption and enable for easy water consumption tracking. The Modulo small water meter shafts have been chosen to host water meters with remote data reading. This modern feature supports online flow control which can be very useful in cases like illegal filling of swimming pools. Water meters also record any unauthorized tampering with the device.

    In the first stage during last year, our company delivered 150 Modulo 1V water meter shafts with Meibes valves and maximum hatch load of 12.5 t. Further delivery to the municipality included 3 Compozit shafts for an apartment building and a commercial building, where a higher flow rate was required.