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    Implementation of an Interesting Project in Slovakia

    Last year, we produced and delivered equipment for modernization of a heat generation plant in Martin (Slovakia). The delivery for ENGUL s.r.o. Company was supervised by HUTIRA Slovakia Company. The equipment included 3 regulation station RZ 500 1/1 – 400, that supply NG to KGJ engul 2000 GGCH cogeneration units. The sets were installed directly on the KGJ container. The entire project was completed in Slovakia.

    The stations include REGAL 3 VSX2 regulators and the FMR G100 DN50 L171 mm gas meters for gas flow measurement. Final delivery included the Mac BAT 5 gas flow converter manufactured by PLUM.

    Technical parameters of the regulation stations:

    – Inlet pressure: 300kPa

    – Outlet pressure: 15kPa

    – Flow (Qmax): 500m3/h

    – Number of regulation stations: 3

    Photo documentation is available for this interesting project in Slovakia.