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    Another Successful Project: HUTIRA CCW Water Treatment Plant for Dolni Kounice and Melcany

    The old town of Dolni Kounice (population 2.453) can be found some 25 km southwest of Brno in the Jihlava river valley and is known for its many historic monuments as well as Frankovka vineyards and orchards. Melcany village (population 487) is located 21 kilometers south of Brno in the Brno-venkov district. The village lies in Satava creek valley that stretches from southeast to northwest. Just like many other municipalities, both Dolni Kounice and Melcany had been facing drinking water quality problems. Our company was prompted to provide a feasible solution.

    HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o. delivered water treatment technology for Dolni Kounice and Melcany. There was a long-term problem with high nitrate content in drinking water – the values exceeded the CSN standard for drinking water. The project included delivery, installation, and commissioning of a fully automatic plant with remote supervision. The water treatment plant uses pre-treatment coupled with reverse osmosis to reduce amount of nitrates in water below the limit set by the CSN standard.

    The actual HUTIRA CCW (CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER) water treatment unit is placed inside of an insulated container. This solution significantly reduced necessary construction work on the site. The technology was delivered including newly developed operation rules and risk analysis. It is worth noting that the plant operation has reduced the hardness of the drinking water as well. This benefit was acknowledged by local citizens.

    Are you facing similar problem in your village or town? Feel free to contact us. HUTIRA VISION can solve or prevent your water problem.