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    Gas Regulation Systems for Successful Tomato and Cucumber Cultivation

    HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. supplies a wide range of gas measuring & regulating devices.

    In April 2019 newsletter, we informed you about the delivery of 6 pieces of stainless steel measuring & control units in (click here to read the article). These regulator stations have been deployed by HUTIRA Slovakia s.r.o. and provide gas for power generators. Total output of these devices is 5MW of electricity and 6.4MW of heat. The electricity is used for lighting purposes while heat is routed to greenhouses in the Slažany village (Zlate Moravce district).

    There are 2 greenhouses with total area of 6 hectares for cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. As the facility features modern equipment with heating/cooling technology, air humidity control and light control, the vegetables are harvested as early as 6-8 weeks after planting. The harvesting takes place every day and the crops are delivered to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.

    The greenhouses have been built by Certhon. This company designs and delivers modern greenhouses, grow chambers, and various support systems. Based on client requirements, Certhon provides complete solutions including development, optimization, and actual construction.

    We are pleased that we could take part in this interesting project. This year we plan to deliver a similar gas control station.

    Do you intend to realize a project where you will need stainless steel gas measuring and/or regulating devices?

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