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    The gas industry is a field that has been developing dynamically, especially in recent years, and terms such as renewable energy, biomethane, and energy efficiency resonate in the public debate. The challenges consisting in the greening of the gas industry therefore represent a very interesting perspective for future graduates in this field. However, the gas industry is currently suffering from a shortage of trained personnel. Therefore, the Czech Gas Association together with HUTIRA – BRNO established cooperation with the Secondary Polytechnic School in Kyjov.


    At the beginning of May, the Czech Gas Association (CGA) organised a recruitment of apprentices at the Secondary Polytechnic School in Kyjov for the new programme Gas Equipment Engineer, which will be taught at the school from the school year 2023/2024. This is a follow-up programme and its graduates will receive a second certificate of apprenticeship after only one year. This way, CGA is responding to the shortage of professionals in the gas industry. “This shortened one-year course at the Secondary Polytechnic School in Kyjov will make it possible for students to obtain an additional certificate of apprenticeship in another technical field. The programme is suitable for already trained plumbers, ironworkers, mechanics, electricians or graduates from secondary technical schools,” says Petr Zajíček, GasNet Group’s Director of Special Projects and Chairman of the Board for Vocational Gas Education of CGA.


    Tomáš Stone, Marketing Director of HUTIRA – BRNO, and Radek Kundrata, CEO of HUTIRA – BRNO, presented the advantages of this profession and future prospects to the apprentices. “Programmes such as Gas Equipment Engineer in Kyjov are also taught at vocational schools in Brno and Pardubice. But this is far from enough to meet the demand on the labour market. The shortage of professionally trained gas engineers is also evident in practice, as we are faced with a shortage of employees and it sometimes takes a very long time to find new ones. That is why we appreciate the efforts of the Czech Gas Association. We have agreed on a longer-term cooperation with the school in Kyjov, where, for example, we will offer internships to the students,” says Radek Kundrata, pointing out that the programme has great potential for future graduates. “News from our industry is sometimes misinterpreted to mean that gas will be replaced in the future. On the contrary, if heating plants switch from coal to gas, gas consumption should increase by 2040,” adds Mr Kundrata.


    The introduction of new technologies requires not only experience but also know-how. “We would therefore like to introduce one-year follow-up gas engineering courses in one secondary school in each of the fourteen regions from 2026,” says Petr Zajíček.


    However, CGA does not focus only on educating high school students. This year, the Association organised the first Summer Gas School. During one week, university students learned about trends in the gas industry. These were also presented to them by the HUTIRA – BRNO team in Popůvky.


    Report link: Ve Střední škole polytechnické se budou učit plynaři | iTVS (


    The presentations were given by CEO Radek Kundrata and Marketing Director of HUTIRA – BRNO Tomáš Stone.


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