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    Even beer can be SMART and we know the trick!

    Czech people are keen on Czech beer. This is a well-known fact. Moreover, Czech beer has become famous by its excellent quality all over the world. We at Hutira Company feel the same way – we love this delicious beverage. That is why we took part in a unique project – an innovative design of container SMART BREWERY.  This facility can easily be transported in virtually anywhere in the world. In any possible location, it produces an excellent beer in a simple and elegant way. Obviously, local legislative conditions are necessary to permit such production.

    In general, SMART BREWERY was developed by a team of people who love beer, possess necessary technical expertise and… simply love challenges. The aim was to make beer brewing technology accessible to anyone interested. The idea of ​​container brewery emerged in a pub with over a glass of good beer. During working trips to Cambodia, the staff members tried local beer on the beach and were not satisfied with its quality. And this was the moment. After two years of development, the idea of ​​incorporating the entire brewing process and the technology into a shipping container became a reality. The very first container brewery was introduced in summer of 2017. Despite the fact, that there had been several attempts to build a mobile brewery as early as in communist era, the SMART BREWERY is the first actual working facility of this type. it can be  and an original Czech invention.

    One SMART BREWERY was presented last Wednesday in the premises of HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o. Company in Popůvky near Brno. Visitors were allowed to inspect the complete assembled brewery from outside and also to examine brewing technology inside. Guests of this event included Mrs. Sothea Tith, a representative of the Kingdom of the Cambodia. All visitors were happy to learn as much as possible about the SMART BREWERY project and realization.

    The magic of the SMART BREWERY lies in the concept of non-expert operation and high availability. In other words, the entire beer production technology chain was adjusted in a smart way so that the facility can be run even by inexperienced personnel with a basic training.  Customers will obtain all the services and products they need to run the brewery and produce high-quality beer. This includes essential ingredients (malt, hops etc.) and exact instructions. If a proper setup is achieved, these guidelines allow for consistent production of high-quality beer regardless of actual brewery location. It is worth noting that the brewery can be used both for traditional Pilsner-type beer and various beer specials. After training, the operators can use the brewery with success on their own. Last but not least, the container configuration allows for easy handling and/or transport due to standard dimensions.

    One of the most important ingredients in beer production is high-quality water. That is why the SMART BREWERY features integrated WATER CAT 500 water treatment plant that can provide up to 500 liters per hour. This device is manufactured by HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o. and is able to process available water sources so that the quality of the beer would not be affected by poor quality of input water.

    Technical parameters:

    Overall dimensions: 6.058m x 2.438m x 2.59m
    Weight: 4300kg
    Basic production capacity: 525hl per year (can be easily adjusted)
    Power supply: up to 32kW (at max. consumption), 3x 400V, 50Hz
    Water supply: drinking water, quality can be adjusted using a filter unit
    Waste outlet: water with biodegradable substances (sewer-allowed)
    Insulation: possible operation in temperature range from – 40°C to + 50°C
    Integrated water treatment plant: Water Cat 500, capacity up to 500l per hour

    Note: No special construction work is required for the brewery operation. The container should be placed on paved horizontal surfaces (area about 20 m2).



    Application may be submitted by any farmer who has been registered for at least 2 years in the Register of Farmers.

    Sustainability of the project is 5 years. The subsidy is a direct non-refundable grant from the State Agricultural Intervention Fund.

    We can help you with all the legislative connected with the grant application. Further information is available upon request.


    Interior of the SMART BREWERY facility

    Introduction of SMART BREWERY in Popuvky in the premises of HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o.

    Water Cat 500 water treatment plant (produced by HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o.)

    We were happy to welcome Mrs. Sothea Tith, representative of the Kingdom of Cambodia at the smart brewery event.  The picture shows her “under the Moravian Matterhorn” with Petr Vagner  (HUTIRA – VISION, s.r.o.)