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    In the first quarter of this year, general contractor Hutira Vision completed revitalization of local water source in Vrchy village (near Fulnek). Then, a new water treatment plant was built, which will ensure required quality of drinking water within local water distribution system. The municipality acquired partial funding from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.

    The revitalization of the water source included drilling and stabilizing of a new depth borehole, modifications of water reservoir, and finally a construction of brick building on the reservoir. The drinking water treatment plant was delivered in a thermally insulated container. New piping routes were laid and connected to the existing network. The facility treats original groundwater containing undesired microbial components and manganese. Resulting drinking water meets hygiene limits for water quality (Reg. 252/2004). It is worth noting that the water treatment plant features two-stage treatment process.

    The first separation stage includes a pulsating clarifier, while the second stage uses closed filters. After the filtration, resulting water is health-secured. The plant works in fully automatic mode with remote control.

    For the whole system, operation/risk assessment was elaborated with respect to requirements of the Public Health Protection Act No. 258/2000. Then, we carried out multiple pumping tests, treated water analyzes, three-month trial operation and communication with local hygienic station. The locality of the entire water treatment plant was landscaped and fenced for safe operation.

    This investment project represents a viable solution for villages that face similar problems with shortage and/or quality of drinking water.

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